Older Toddler Education Program

Where Learning, Caring, and Kindness Go Hand in Hand

Toddlers are ready to learn everything and we are ready to teach them. Properly stimulated, they will learn more than you can imagine. We will use many different methods to teach the names of objects, colors, letters, and shapes to stimulate their young minds. Art projects are also used in teaching. We count and play learning games to show them that learning is a fun process. Toddlers love to sing and be sung to, and they will come home singing lots of new songs. Your child will be experiencing Jell-O/whip cream play, and other things that involve their sense of touch. Children at this age do a lot of learning through their senses and we will do everything in our power to stimulate all of their senses.


  • 6:00am - 9:30am
    • Hellos
    • Breakfast
    • Bathroom
    • Self-directed Activities in Activity Areas
    9:30am - 11:00am
    • Circle Time
    • Snack
    • Bathroom
    • Planned Play (Teacher-directed Activities)
    • Outdoor Activities
    11:00am - 12:30pm
    • Lunch and Clean-up
    • Bathroom
    • Teacher-directed Activities
    12:30am - 2:00pm
    • Bathroom
    • Naptime
    2:00pm - 4:00pm
    • Bathroom
    • Snack and Clean-up
    • Sleep time for some
    • Teacher or self-directed Activities
    3:00pm - 6:30pm
    • Bathroom
    • Planned Play (Teacher or self-directed Activities)
      in Activity Areas
    • Story time/Quiet time
    • Talk with Parents
    • Clean up
    • Set up for next day
    • Hugs, Kisses, and Good-byes

Our Care to Learn programs have something for every family.